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About Us

About Us

Dream Beach Media are a leading international creative and production agency. We are professional creative thinkers, visual producers and animators passionate about crafting memorable initiatives around the brands and companies we serve. We specialise in repositioning brands in a saturated market space, planning, tailoring and managing teams, creating and distributing world-class content to deliver maximum exposure.

Our team grew up on the platforms we create for, discovering and honing our craft for many years. We know exactly how to deliver authentic brand messaging effectively. Our social-first campaigns are tailored to meet every clients needs; action-led campaigns that blend powerful imagery, emotive music and engaging high profile personalities.


By approaching productions and campaigns in our individual way, our research team provide initial ideas for locations, deliverables and talent to make our clients’ impression of us distinct and memorable. We cut out the expensive middle man, by using our exclusive bank of trusted talent, models and celebrities to represent digital campaigns with great effect.


Our internationally award-winning creative division brings to life photography, videography and aerial concepts that attract the right kind of audience. We constantly adapt to the ever-changing social environment, improvement in technology and push the boundaries in innovative concepts. Bringing our knowledge of what a truly complete digital service looks like.


Our in-house production division are made up of renowned directors, photographers, videographers and fully-licensed drone pilots. We have the scalability to produce from social-first to broadcast quality, also using our international network of editors to meet any publishing timescale.


Quality content can go unnoticed! We have well respected distribution partners on all media-platforms and markets to amplify your content. Whether it’s via paid or organic tactics, our specialists make sure your content has the best chance of being discovered.


Let our numbers speak for themselves! We generated incredible online conversion and click through rates directly through our unique, engaging but still obtainable production style. 

Josh Stockdale

CEO / Business Manager

Alex Boulton

CEO / Creative Manager